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Issues with lirc and kernel 2.6.16 lirc

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  • http://www.hsvracing.com - the site i run
  • http://www.supraforums.com - forum about toyota supras
  • http://www.asterisk.org - linux based pbx

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    http://servicemanuals.vstore.ca - Replacement parts for TV's. Excellent information and support to help you repair your TV.

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    1. I hate people that lie. I find more and more that people do. Latest one:
    XXXX: "well i didn't ask to be mod i was appointed by someone."

    His extact words pulled from my aim logs:
    (21:47:14) XXXX: make me a mod of the NO BS section homie

    This shows a lie right here.

    - quotes -
    "In the long run we are all dead"
    "Life sucks then you die"
    "Shit happens"
    "A wise man knows he knows nothing"
    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety."
    "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
    "It now costs more to amuse a child than it once did to educate his father"
    "One day Jesus woke up and decided to play a sick joke...and my life has been a living hell ever since."
    "If we cant dazzle them with brilliance.. we'll BAFFLE them with bullshit!"
    "if you really hate your job, dont go on strike, just do it really half assed, thats the American way" - Homer Simpson
    "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work."
    "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." - General George Patton
    "Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and then try to beat you with experience."
    "Trying is the first step towards failure." - Homer Simpson
    "That's what I like about these high school girls, I keep getting older, they stay the same age." - Dazed and Confused
    "I like this bar, they dont check ID just like me!" - the family guy
    "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesnt get you anywhere." - Van Wilder
    "It's only after you lost everything that your free to do anything." - Fight Club
    "God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage."
    "If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it."
    "It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care." - Office Space
    "There is nothing more uncommon than common sense"
    "If a female says it, it's probably bullshit" - Zaffir, offtopic.com
    "Girls are like toilets. The good ones are always taken, and the ones that are left, are full of shit."
    "Why go through life carefully only to arrive safely at death's door?"
    "Fight crime, shoot back"
    "God created man. Guns made all men equal"
    "Light is probably faster than sound, that is why people seem bright until you hear them."

    - errors -
    phpBB2 errors: Can't open file: phpbb_posts_text.MYD
    Solution: /home/virtual/site3/fst/usr/bin/myisamchk /home/virtual/site3/fst/var/lib/mysql/hsvracing_com_-_forum/phpbb_posts_text
    May need to also do this in phpmyadmin SQL on the DB: REPAIR TABLE phpbb_users,phpbb_posts,phpbb_posts_text;
    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in... postnuke/includes/counter.php on line 94
    Solution: repair table nuke_counter, nuke_stats_date, nuke_stats_hour, nuke_stats_month, nuke_stats_week;
    Error loading keymap /var/tmp/server-0.xkm
    Solution: hard drive is filled, delete something
    Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap
    Solution: some how the keymaps got deleted in /etc/X11/xkb/ Copy dir from another box

    when your volume control does not work in xmms, give permissions on /dev/mixer0 and set the mixer under
    xmms plugin to /dev/mixer0